Friday, September 19, 2008

The Quilt

Gym Class Heroes is atop of my favorite band list. If you don't know about Gym Class Heroes, it's safe to crawl from behind that rock. There old stuff is dope, there new stuff is dope. So go get cultured...

Check out their previous albums, The Papercut Chronicles and As Cruel as School Children.

They just released their latest album The Quilt. Justly titled the quilt, it has all different styles woven into their music. It's hip hop, rock, and R&B. It has a little something for everybody.
My favorite track on the album is the Cookie Jar, which I'm sure will hit the radio quick and be a for sure hit. It's featuring The American Dream. There is also a track produced by Cool and Dre and features Busta Rhymes. So for those Busta fans, he is back, and has a brand new contract. So look out for him soon!
Here is the Cookie Jar video. Check it out!

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