Thursday, March 19, 2009


Been a while since I been on here. Not really sure what to write about, so I'm taking the Seinfield approach to things. A blog about nothing particular at all. Start typing and see what happens, let the chips fall where they may.
Seinfeld was an awesome show. George Costanza has to be one of the greatest televison characters of all time. Not everyone thought it was funny, but it was pretty funny to me. I have always had a thing for Elaine. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pretty hot! She was just on the Late Show with Jay Leno the other night.
There is something about the Jay Leno show that is funny. Most of the time he is fairly corny, but I still find myself laughing. Just like the band dude who laughs no matter what. Ha! Can't remember his name. Anyhow, so long to Jay. Conan is taking his spot. He is alright, but sort of like the Jimmy Fallon show. Plus, he has the roots as his can't beat that.
One of my favorite songs is The Roots featuring Eryka Badu - You Got Me. I been in the throwback music type of mood as of late. If you are too check out Soundgarden album A-Sides. Also check out A Tribe Called Quest album Midnight Marauders. "We maraude for ears." If you are like me, you like a little bit of everthing. Just ordered Grand Theft Auto albums for Vice City and San Andreas, some good 80s and 90s stuff. Check it out on What don't they have?
Someone told me at work the other day "music is the equilibrium between people." Amen to that, and I will leave you with that thought. Until my next rant. My brain is in pieces, but I will have it together next time. LOL...

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