Monday, July 7, 2008

Credit Card Balance...$0.00

Or is it? LOL, they got me!
Everyone wants to get rid of their debts and get the creditors of their back. When you make that phone call to cancel your card, its almost as if you have personally hurt the customer service representative. They sound sad and tell you how they hope you choose to do business with them again. LOL, yeah right...why do you think I'm closing my account.
So getting to how they got me...
I closed my account and it was at $0.00. I spoke to a live person, and she assured me this was true, so I closed my account. A few weeks later I get a bill for $8.47. This is so called finance fee, that was charged after my account was closed. After my account was closed! So I promptly called, and they were fighting for them dollars. Had me on the phone for some chump change.
I could have paid it, it wasn't already know it was the principal of the matter. He tells me it doesn't matter, blah, blah, and how I have to pay. I immediately ask to speak to a manger and he tells me to hold. Not even five seconds later, he clicks back on and says we have adjusted the account...LOL. Com'n dude, why even have wasted that time. Rediculous, ludicrous, and any other -ous word you can think to describe it. So if you have some bs charges on your account, go ahead and tell'em you want to speak to their manager!
Credit Card Balance...$0.00 (for now)

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