Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why so serious?!

If you haven't already gone to see The Dark Knight, you definately need to get off that couch and get into a movie seat. I knew that it was going to be good. But it was better than I thought. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Though in was a little long. People were on the edge of their seats wondering is it over now, then something else happen

Past actors playing Batman have been very dissappointing. Who is going to believe that George Clooney is the Dark Knight, LOL! Christian Bale, as always played a great Batman. The only other good Batman before him was Micheal Keaton, still my favorite Batman.

The definite highlight was Heath Ledger. I was a skeptic when i first heard he was playing the Joker long before the movie started filming. I just never thought as him being the Joker. I always thought someone like Johnny Depp. Nonetheless he did a phenominal job.

He potrayed the Joker as demented and as psychotic as possible. From the voice, to the laugh, and the mannerisms, the Joker was truly brought to life. He played the part so well it was scary. Im sure he will be claiming an oscar for this performance.

Ofcourse you still have to comapare him to Jack Nicholson, who first played the Joker in the orignial movie. They were very different in their approach. The original movie was not as dark, so Jack potrayed the Joker as best he could. He also stole the screen when he was the Joker.

This movie was much darker, so Heath was able to really unleash the true Joker. He definitley brought the Joker to life. You would have thought he was really the Joker.
Before, the first Batman, and maybe the second one, were the only movies worth watching. But now after the first new movie, and now The Dark Knight, Batman has definitely been revived. Batman is supposed to be very dark, and they stuck to it this time. You are truly in for an experience.
So go and see the movie and be amazed! As Jack's Joker would say, turn that frown upside down! New and improved...Ssssssmiiily, hehehehehe!!!
Why so serious?! How about a smile?!

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kid.a said...

yea this movie exceeded my expectations as well! Heath Ledger definitely stole the show...he really brought a different side/perspective to the Joker (compared to J. Nicholson). Aaron Eckhart did a great job as Two Face as well. Christian Bale did ok...i thought his Batman voice was annoying as hell though! lol...all in all a great movie! it was long but worth it!

I saw this movie in IMAX too...the imax shots were unbelievable...my first movie in IMAX and great 1st at that!

I'm gonna see it again...in IMAX of course...